Julian Brand Reviews: No Time to Die

Julian Brand Reviews: No Time to Die


Since November 14, 2006, actor Daniel Craig has been the face of the 007 franchise. The actor’s work in ‘Casino Royale’ amassed a lot of praise from the critics and audience. Being the new ‘James Bond’, he solidified himself as agent 007 with his amazing work in 4 different movies of the franchise. From ‘Casino Royale’ (2006) to ‘Spectre’ (2015), actor Daniel Craig has done a fantastic job. A 9-year run that’s loved by everyone. After the success of ‘Spectre’, there were just some rumors of a new James Bond movie in the works. However, there was no confirmation from either the actor or the studio.

People kept building speculations that there will be a new James Bond as actor Daniel Craig started pushing 50. However, Julian Brand believed that there’s still a lot of James Bond left in the actor. And in 2019, we got the first trailer of the new James Bond movie, No Time To Die. Now 53-years-old, actor Daniel Craig has proved that he is the irreplaceable agent 007. No Time To Die will continue the saga of Mr. Bond (actor Daniel Craig) and Julian Brand is all up for it. The trailers of the movie feature actor Daniel Craig going on another adrenaline-filled adventure as James Bond.

Trailer 1

Released on December 4, 2019, the movie’s first trailer has amassed 18.9M views and 179K likes. It features actor Daniel Craig as James Bond who meets some familiar and some new faces as he gets another mission. The trailer begins with Mr. Bond and Madeleine Swann (actor Léa Seydoux) in a high-speed chase. Swann asks “why would I betray you?”, Bond replies “we all have our secrets… we just didn’t get to yours yet”. This seems to be a side plot of the story. Swann is definitely hiding something from James Bond and he knows it. In the very next scene, James Bond jumps from a bridge.

After this, James Bond meets another 00 agent, Naomi (actor Lashana Lynch), who asks Bond to not get in her way. If he does, she’ll have a bullet with his name on it. It seems like both of them will have to work together to accomplish a mission. After this, we meet Safin (actor Rami Malek), who seems to be the main antagonist of the story. It is implied that Safin has a god complex and thinks he is the good guy. The full plot is not revealed, however, it is pretty clear that Safin will do something that 007 needs to stop. The trailer ends with James Bond using his car’s headlight miniguns to fire at the people surrounding his car. A truly James Bond way to end the trailer, says Julian Brand.

Trailer 2

The second trailer starts with the same ‘James Bond jumping from the bridge scene. The trailer was released on YouTube on September 3, 2020, and has amassed 16.1M views and 141K likes. In this trailer, we get a little clearer understanding of the story. Safin (actor Rami Malek) is a terrorist who is looking for revenge, as per Madeleine Swann (actor Léa Seydoux). Safin is heard telling James that both of them eradicate people, but he just prefers to be a bit tidier. Just listening to this and then seeing what he does would send chills down anyone’s spine. After that, we see a montage of chase and action sequences. And the trailer ends with James Bond shooting at a tipped-over car.

Story Speculations

Julian Brand would like to share his story speculations. James Bond has been missing for some time and is forced to return because of a threat. This threat is a terrorist named Safin who wants revenge. And the motivation for his revenge is connected to Madeleine Swann who is Bond’s former love interest. Madeleine Swann has a secret and that secret holds everything in balance. James Bond meets a new 00 agent, Naomi, and both of them like working alone. However, they have to in order to accomplish the mission they are given.

After a number of chase and action sequences, we will reach the climax of the movie and that can’t be predicted. Also, this is just a speculation of the story and who knows? There can be some plot twists in store for us. Anyways, Julian Brand says that actor Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die will be an amazing movie just like every other Bond movie. Julian Brand would like to give the trailers and the speculated story 4/5 stars.

Release Date

After releasing two trailers and a few character introduction videos in the last 2 years, the movie is set to release in October 2020. Fans have been waiting for this next James Bond movie for a long time. Also, we can’t wait to see actor Daniel Craig in action again. Julian Brand admires actor Daniel Craig’s dedication and enthusiasm to keep a physique like that in his 50s. Also, playing James Bond at this age and looking good while doing it is not at all an easy task to accomplish. Julian Brand is looking forward to experiencing this seemingly great movie in the theatres. Also, this could very well be the last James Bond movie of actor Daniel Craig, considering his age. So, No Time To Die will be a very special movie for Bond fans such as Julian Brand throughout the world.

Julian Brand Reviews

4 / 5. 1

Julian Brand

Julian Brand is a Movie Critic from Sacramento, California. He graduated from CSU after completing a course in film-making and he enjoys watching movies and evaluating actors on their performances.

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