Julian Brand Says Actor Robert Downey Jr Is The Irreplaceable Iron Man

Julian Brand Says Actor Robert Downey Jr Is The Irreplaceable Iron Man


“I am Iron Man”, the last words of MCUs Tony Stark aka Iron Man before he sacrificed himself for the world. Played by actor Robert Downey Jr, Tony Stark is a character that’ll stay in our hearts forever. Being a huge Avengers fan, Julian Brand says actor Robert Downey Jr is the irreplaceable Iron Man/Tony Stark. That was clearly the most heart-wrenching scene in the series, we saw Tony Stark breathing his last breaths in the arms of Pepper Potts. Julian Brand says actor Robert Downey Jr did an amazing job and no one else could’ve done it better. Moreover, no one else could ever overshine what actor Robert Downey Jr did as Iron Man/Tony Stark.

This article is not a movie or a series review. The sole purpose of this article is to look at the impeccable work of actor Robert Downey Jr. He brought Tony Stark to life and your first impulse when you meet him is to call him Mr. Stark. Julian Brand thinks that’s what an actor’s job really is. Bringing a character to life as if you are that character yourself. Also, the biggest compliment an actor can get is being called by his character’s name. People actually connecting with the character you play, that’s something actor Robert Downey Jr did with perfection. Hence, such performance is not only commendable but also irreplaceable.

Julian Brand says actor Robert Downey Jr is an amazing actor and he does justice to every role. However, his performance as Tany Stark is not only impeccable but also one of a kind. Julian Brand is so inspired and moved by the actor’s performance that he decided to write this special actor review. So, let’s take a look back at actor Robert Downey Jr’s performance as the Iron Man/Tony Stark:

The Introduction

In 2008, we first saw Robert Downey Jr as the Tony Stark in “Iron Man”. This was the movie where it all started, the MCU Avengers saga. We all know the story of Tony Stark, but something else is important to note here. Julian Brand says actor Robert Downey Jr represents the charm of Tony Stark from the very first scene of the movie. The actor played the playboy billionaire superhero perfectly and established himself as the one and only Iron Man. The moment Tony said “I am Iron Man” at the ending of the first movie. That was the moment Julian Brand knew that this is the actor who will be the permanent Tony Stark.

The Solidification

The solidification of actor Robert Downey Jr came with the releases and success of Iron Man 2 (2010) and The Avengers (2012). Especially in The Avengers, Robert’s performance made it very clear that he is here to stay as Tony Stark. After that, the release and success of Iron Man 3 (2013) was like a seal on an official document. An imaginary document stating “actor Robert Downey Jr is the one and only Iron Man”. Even after the third movie of the Iron Man series, Tony Stark planned to stay in the MCU. This happened with him making appearances in many different MCU franchises.

Taking Over The MCU

Tony Stark’s appearances in other MCU franchises are something that fans got used to and loved a lot. Tony Stark made brief appearances in movies like Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. These appearances made it clear that Robert Downey Jr was taking over the MCU as Tony Stark. No matter what MCU movie it is, Tony Stark had to be at least mentioned once. That’s the impact the actor made while playing this role. Being the center of attention of a whole movie franchise is something that only Robert can do.

The Protege

In 2017, actor Tom Holland’s Peter Parker entered the MCU as Tony Stark’s protege. Learning everything from the man himself, Spider-Man even got a custom suit made by Tony Stark. The high-tech suit introduced a new and improved Spider-Man to the MCU. Thankfully, the current Spider-Man reflects Stan Lee’s (R.I.P) original Peter Parker in the best way. Tom Holland does justice to the character by portraying him perfectly. Many say that Robert and Tom both share the same work ethic and dedication.

The Saddest Moment In MCU

Let’s talk about something that still tears up Julian Brand. The final scene of the final battle in the Avengers series, the infamous snap. This was the moment that sunk every MCU fan’s heart. Tony Stark got all the infinity stones in his armor and something unexpected happened. Iron Man sacrificed himself to save the whole world. Actor Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark couldn’t handle the power of the infinity stones and that snap leads to his sad and heart-wrenching demise. A scene that Julian Brand refers to as the saddest scene in MCU.

The Legacy Lives On

Even after the demise of Tony Stark, his legacy lived on in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). Actor Tom Holland is seen playing a troubled Peter Parker who cannot get Tony Stark out of his head. The first hint that Peter Parker will be the successor of Tony Stark in MCU comes in the form of Tony’s Edith Glasses. Now, you are a fan of the MCU, Julian Brand doesn’t need to stress the importance of the Edith Glasses. As they are Tony Stark’s whole legacy, he passes them on to Peter because he’s his protege.

In the movie, Mysterio (played by actor Jake Gyllenhaal) plays Peter and ends up conning away the glasses. Well, after a lot of fight scenes, Peter gets the glasses back. However, what happens after the credits makes it pretty clear that Marvel is planning to make him Tony’s Successor. Mysterio reveals the true identity of Spider-Man in front of the whole world. Although Peter didn’t do it himself, the world does know his true identity, just like Tony Stark.


Since actor Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark still seems to be a big part of the MCU, introducing a new Iron Man doesn’t make sense. This is because whenever someone will see Peter using Edith, they’ll only think of Tony Stark. The only face in their hearts will be of Robert. This is why Julian Brand says actor Robert Downey Jr is the one and only, undisputed, and irreplaceable Iron Man/Tony Stark.

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