Must Watch Sad Romantic Movies

Must Watch Sad Romantic Movies


The finest sad romantic films may bring you back to life. Turn on the appropriate heartbreaking storey about a cancer-stricken kid who falls in love with her bad-boy neighbor, and you’ll be a sobbing mess who can hardly breathe. And it’s fantastic.
While it may seem paradoxical to seek out a tragic film, a decent weep can be quite purifying and liberating. It’s simpler to go on to more pleasant sensations once you’ve let those pent-up emotions out.


Remember the movie with the cancer-stricken adolescent who develops feelings for a defiant classmate?
This is that movie! If you missed out on this highly popular Nicholas Sparks film in the early 2000s, now is the chance to catch up. A high school girl, in an unexpected turn of circumstances, does not want the popular boy to fall in love with her because she is going to die quietly. Instead, he falls in love with his quiet classmate, and you can imagine what happens next. Without giving anything away, Landon’s drive to ensure Jamie checked everything off her bucket list before she died of leukemia has raised the standards for everyone else.

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The film is a moving drama that follows the love storey of a caretaker and a paralytic, highlighting how their lives change for the better for both of them, before catastrophe turns their lives upside down. Me Before You is one of the greatest movies that offers hope to terminally ill patients who have given up on life. It shows how life should be enjoyed to the fullest without complaining and is one of the best movies that gives hope to terminally ill patients who have given up on life. The film drew considerable criticism for presenting a physically handicapped guy as hopeless.

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The film stars Ryan Gosling and Rachael McAdams and is based on the original bestseller. The story revolves around two old patients at a nursing home, where Duke recounts stories from a notebook to one of his fellow residents, an old woman. The background tale depicts Noah and Allie meeting, being parted, and then reuniting in the midst of catastrophes. The film was a breakthrough smash, with audiences falling in love with the couple’s poignant story of love and grief.

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The film is based on John Green’s eponymous novel and tells the story of Hazel, a cancer patient who is performed by Shailene Woodley with ease. Director Josh Boone did an excellent job of portraying the tragic story of two cancer sufferers who discover love in the most unlikely of situations to life. While viewing the movie, we couldn’t help but sympathize with Hazel and Augustus, who are well aware that they are nearing the end of their lives and are only biding their time. Each time we saw the characters talk about the wonders of love and life, we had a knot in our throat because of the romantic viewpoint beside the melancholy one. The tragic ending is very intriguing to see.

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Despite its length, Five Feet Apart depends on its ensemble to offer some unexpectedly touching moments that frequently go beyond the clichés of a young adult tragic romance. Despite being forced to stay apart owing to their disease, two young cystic fibrosis sufferers fall in love with one other. The video appears to be a sincere attempt to depict how CF sufferers deal with relationships while also dealing with their numerous limitations. The director Justin Baldoni could have simply cut down to a more concise version, ‘Five Feet Apart’ manages to remain compelling thanks to its performances, and is more than likely to tug your heartstrings in unexpected places.

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From the moment Ally (Lady Gaga) and Jackson (Bradley Cooper) meet paths at a gay nightclub where she’s singing out “La Vie En Rose,” we were cheering for them. It starts off so promising, and even as things start to go wrong, we’re left believing (against all hope) that everything will work out. While you may believe that this film is identical to past A Star Is Born adaptations, trust us when we say that it is not. In this poignant film about love, self-acceptance, and tragedy, they have a lot of chemistry. The renowned musician who ditches their significant other as they start making it big is a typical showbiz cliche. It’s so prevalent that it’s practically assumed to be a part of being famous in general.

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Is it possible to have a sad, romantic movie list without Titanic? No, we don’t believe so. You’ve probably seen it a thousand times and know the ending, but you can’t help but cry when Rose (Kate Winslet) tells Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) that she’ll never let go. Titanic caused quite a stir and went on to become one of the most successful films of all time. Rose and Jack’s love tale is one for the ages. Not only does the supposedly unsinkable ship sink with virtually all of the men on board, but the young couple is savagely torn apart as Jack succumbs to the bitter cold of the North Atlantic waters, leaving Rose distraught and alone.

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