‘Need For Speed: The Movie’ Is An Adrenaline Rush For Racing Fans

‘Need For Speed: The Movie’ Is An Adrenaline Rush For Racing Fans


Actor Aaron Paul, the star of the hit Netflix show Breaking Bad, didn’t disappoint in the movie Need For Speed as well. Julian Brand loves actor Aaron Paul’s performance as Tobey Marshall. Actor Aaron Paul also made an appearance in WWE once to promote the movie. This shows that he is very passionate about his work and the movies and series he works in. Need For Speed: The Movie follows Tobey Marshall (actor Aaron Paul) as he is given a task. A task to restore the only Mustang Ford and Shelby made together. The task is given to him by Dino Brewster (actor Dominic Cooper), who is seemingly Tobey’s rival.

Spoiler Alert: The following is an in-depth review of the movie “Need For Speed” and contains spoilers.

While the movie is now 7 years old, the story and the acting are worth mentioning and appreciating. Need For Speed is a popular video game franchise and racing game lovers are really into the series. The movie is inspired by the video game series itself. As a gamer, Julian Brand knows how seriously the Need For Speed franchise takes the stories of the games. To this day, NFS Underground 2 and NFS Most Wanted are known for having the best stories in the franchise. Julian Brand loves actor Aaron Paul’s spirit for working in a movie inspired by a video game franchise.

The Story

Let’s begin this review with the story of the movie. The story follows Tobey Marshall (actor Aaron Paul) who is a car mechanic and passionate racer. Basically, he is passionate about cars and loves to race sometimes. He runs a garage with his four friends, one of them is his ex-girlfriend’s brother, Pete (actor Harrison Gilbertson). Well, the crew is given a task by Dino Brewster (actor Dominic Cooper) to restore a car. Not just any car. They are asked to restore the only Mustang ever made by Ford and Shelby both. Dino Brewster is Anita’s (actor Dakota Johnson) boyfriend and Anita is Tobey’s ex-girlfriend. So, Dino and Tobey are rivals.

Tobey and his crew are successful in restoring the car and Dino showcases it at a function. This is where Tobey meets Julia Maddon (actor Imogen Poots), who is there in place of her client, Bill Ingram. Tobey and Julia have a conversation and Tobey claims that the car’s top speed is 230 mph. This seems unrealistic to Julia and Dino. Bill Ingram agrees to make a deal for the car if Tobey is able to make the car reach 230 mph as he claims. Well, Tobey does this and the deal is made.

The Turning Point

Things take a turn when Tobey, Dino, and Pete make a bet. A bet for the amount of the whole deal. Dino takes Tobey and Pete to his garage where there are three Koenigseggs (one of the fastest cars in the world). Julian Brand loves actor Dominic Cooper’s performance as the antagonist as he really makes it seem like he’s a bad person. So, the three of them take part in a race and whoever wins gets the whole deal’s money. Being the bad guy, Dino Brewster tips over Pete’s car and this results in Pete’s death. This causes Tobey to stop his car and check on Pete. But unfortunately, the car goes up in flames.

So basically, Dino cheats his way to a victory and hides the car he used in the race. Due to this, the police believe that Tobey is the reason Pete died as there were only two cars at the scene. Tobey goes to jail and that’s when he swears to take Pete’s revenge by getting the Mustang he made and winning De León. De León is a race organized by the Monarch (actor Michael Keaton). The winner takes all the cars that took part in the race. Tobey gets out of prison and Bill Ingram agrees to lend him the Mustang for the race. This is on one condition. The condition is that Julia will join Tobey in the race.

The Climax

After this, Tobey and Julian get the crew back together and everything seems to be going as planned. Until Dino puts out a hit on Tobey and gets the Mustang crashed by a big truck. With Julia in the hospital and no car, Tobey loses all hope. This is when Anita tells Tobey about the hidden car. Tobey uses the hidden Koenigsegg and wins the De León afte tipping over Dino’s car. But he ends up sparing him because he’s not like him. Tobey goes to prison again on illegal street racing charges but soon gets out. Julia is waiting for him outside the prison in a red Mustang. They drive off and the credits roll.

The Cast And Acting

Julian Brand lover actor Aaron Paul’s performance in the movie and this cannot be stressed enough. After proving his skills in Breaking Bad, he did an amazing job in Need For Speed as well. Also, actor Dominic Cooper played a perfect antagonist for a movie like this. He really made it seem like he was the real bad guy of the story. All the other cast members also did a wonderful job in making this movie a good one. However, actor Imogen Poots did a great job in playing the perfect love interest of Tobey Marshall. Another performance worth mentioning is of actor Rami Malek, who played Tobey’s friend Finn. Julian Brand loves actor Rami Malek in the scene where Finn quits his job. An extremely funny scene in an intense story.


Need For Speed is a movie that is loved by fans of the video game series. Julian Brand gives Need For Speed a rating of 4/5 stars because of an intense story and great acting. However, the movie fails to earn the last star as it lacked something very important. The movie is based on a video game franchise about racing. So, Julian Brand feels that there should have been more in the movie. A movie called “Need For Speed” only had three proper races in it. Which is very less for the kind of movie it is. Aside from that, Need For Speed is a good movie and a must-watch. Julian Brand feels that other critics might have gone too harsh on the movie.

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