Hush – A Thriller With Good Acting But Messy Story

Hush – A Thriller With Good Acting But Messy Story


The serial killer genre is one of the most popular and loved movie genres and Julian Brand is a fan. Julian Brand praises actor Anthony Hopkins for portraying Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence Of The Lambs”. That’s what Julian Brand and many other people expect when they choose to watch a serial killer movie. Especially when the plot is as intriguing as that of “Hush”. Well, “Hush” is… to say the least, a disappointment. The acting is up to the mark, however, the problem lies with everything else. There are some plotholes and major problems with the story.

Spoiler Alert: The following is an in-depth review of the movie “Hush” and contains spoilers.

After watching Hush, Julian Brand was left confused about what to feel about the movie. This is because Julian Brand praises actor Kate Siegel and other actors, however, he just doesn’t like the movie. This is because halfway through the movie, the whole intensity and suspense lost all meaning. The movie is about a deaf and mute writer (actor Kate Siegel) who moves to the woods to lead a solitary life so that she can focus on her art. However, everything turns sideways when a masked serial killer (actor John Gallagher Jr.) kills her best friend and is now after her life.

Although the movie came out in 2016, Julian Brand just came across the title while scrolling through Netflix. Well, for getting a full understanding of what the problem with this movie is, let’s get into the story.

The Story

Maddie (actor Kate Siegel) is a deaf and mute writer who moves to the woods to live a solitary life. She’s shown done with human relationships and wanting to focus on her career. The only people she’s in contact with are her neighbors, Sarah (actor Samantha Sloyan) and John (Michael Trucco). Sarah is also Maddie’s best friend (seems like) and helps her with a lot of things. After a few scenes, we see Maddie in the kitchen while Sarah comes running to her kitchen door. She’s bleeding and screaming for help, however, Maddie cannot listen because she’s deaf and her back is turned the other way. This is when a bow pierces through Sarah’s shoulder.

A masked man (actor John Gallagher Jr.) approaches Maddie and stabs her a couple of times to kill her. Julian Brand loved the look of the serial killer, especially the mask. And him using a crossbow is definitely something unique and impressive. Well, this is when he knocks on the kitchen door glass and figures out that Maddie is deaf. After that, he enters the house and sees Maddie using sign language with one of her friends on facetime. This is when he realizes that Maddie is also mute. Before he notices all this, he picks up Maddie’s phone that she left on the kitchen counter and starts sending her photos of herself in real-time.

This is when Maddie realizes that there is someone else in the house with her and that person has her phone. The next thing he does is switching off her electricity which disables her wifi. Then, the confrontation happens. Maddie uses her lipstick to write on the glass door “won’t tell, didn’t see face, boyfriend coming home”. This is when things get interesting and then take a downfall soon.

The Problem

Now, the problem here is that when Maddie writes that, the killer takes off his mask and shows her his face. This makes it clear that he wants to kill Maddie. Then he tells Maddie that he can enter the house at any time, however, he’ll wait till Maddie doesn’t have the will to live anymore. So, he’s playing some sick psychotic game with her. Julian Brand is a fan of the story till this point, however, things go downhill from here. After this, Maddie tries to find ways to run away or possibly stop the killer. After a few tries, the killer gets agitated and tries to kill Maddie while she’s outside and still refuses to enter the house when she runs back. This is something that doesn’t make sense.

If the killer said that he will kill Maddie when she doesn’t have the will to live anymore, why would he try to kill her when she’s outside. Maddie clearly still has the will to live. This shows that a character contradicts his statement very soon in the story. Also, he enters the house after Maddie writes “Do It. Coward” on the glass door with her blood. She still had the will to live at this point and this is when the killer loses it. He starts smashing the glass and tries to enter the house. The whole plot established in the beginning is contradicted and forgotten about towards the climax.

Julian Brand praised actor Kate Siegel and actor John Gallagher Jr. for their amazing performance. However, the story just doesn’t make sense. Maddie ends up killing the killer and saving herself, however, the story lost all meaning when the killer tried to kill her while she was outside.


The only conclusion for this movie is that it lacked a lot in the story, plot, and screenplay department. Julian Brand praises actor Kate Siegel for playing a deaf and mute person perfectly. However, “Hush” deserves only 2/5 stars because it loses its main plot very soon in the story. When the story of a movie loses its meaning, the only thing left to praise is the acting. And the 2 stars given here are only for the acting. In the rest of the departments, the movie fails.

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2 / 5. 1

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