The Tomorrow War 2021 by Julian Brand Actor Movie Review

The Tomorrow War 2021 by Julian Brand Actor Movie Review


The year is 2022. Dan Forester (Chris Pratt), an Iraq War veteran and biology teacher, and his family are watching the FIFA World Cup on TV when they see a wormhole appear in the centre of the field. Several people emerge, claiming to be from the year 2051, when mankind is on the point of annihilation due to an extraterrestrial attack, and asking for assistance. As a result, global governments dispatch their military to the future, where they discover that the survival rate is just 20%, leading to obligatory conscription since no one wants to be caught in the thick of a hostile extraterrestrial invasion. Forester gets drafted, leaving his wife and daughter heartbroken.

Aside from a message about how we should all cherish America’s troops, the space-invader premise is nothing new. And while that’s a worthy goal, and I enjoy how science fiction can be used as a symbol to portray a gap between a father and a son, with their perspectives being at variance, as the speed slows, it soon devolves into meaningless monotony rather than the desired mood. The film didn’t need to be two hours lengthy, and it could have benefited from some trimming.

Then, after Chris Pratt’s character Dan and his dad (JK Simmons) have just run across the Russian snowy landscape and found it difficult thru the obscuring winter weather to defeat the very last demon, they collapse exhausted, only to have Sam Richardson’s protagonist plunk down next to them and communicate in the recovery of it all being over.Despite the fact that he’d been utterly missing from the last father-son vs. alien fight (never mind how improbable it is that he still could have traced and gotten up to them that swiftly), for a closing chapter to shatter my credulity, it closes on the wrong note for me.

Chris Pratt and others of the supporting characters are fantastic. There are some amusing moments as well. Suspenseful and action-packed. It’s difficult to believe that a blood-hungry biological animal could defeat a higher-level species.

Overall it is a good time pass if you are interested in time travel and futuristic movies.

Julian Brand Actor Movie Rating : 2/5


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