Julian Brand Names Actor KJ Apa The Star Of Riverdale

Julian Brand Names Actor KJ Apa The Star Of Riverdale


Spoiler Alert: The following is an in-depth review of the CW show “Riverdale” and might contain some spoilers.

“Fear. It’s the most basic, the most human emotion. As kids, we’re afraid of everything. The dark. The boogeyman under the bed. And we pray for morning. For the monsters to go away. Though they never do. Not really”. Said Jughead Jones (played by actor Cole Sprouse) who is a character and even the narrator of the story. This quote perfectly reflects and explains the nature, tone, and story of the show. Riverdale is filled with mysteries, monsters, and serial killers. Although all the actors have done a wonderful job, Julian Brand names actor KJ Apa the star of the show. This is because Archie Andrews makes it easy for people to relate to him.

After three years and five seasons, the show is finally coming to an end in what seems like the most intense season so far. Riverdale’s current season follows the whole gang as they come back to the town after seven years. They return to a ghost town (thanks to Hiram Lodge) and have to revive the town themselves. Not only that but they also have to deal with the mystery of the Mothmen. After going through most of the recent episodes, Julian Brand became firm on something he already knew. Julian Brand names KJ Apa the star of the show. While there are many reasons for it, it’s pretty clear that one of them is Archie being the one to take the lead again. While the others including Betty (actor Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (actor Camila Mendes) seem to be the supporting ones.

All four of them are named as the main leads of the show. However, it seems like most of the time, KJ Apa is the one in the limelight. After all, the story is based on the dark side of Archie comics.

The Story

The story of Riverdale follows Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and other characters of Archie Comics Universe. The show portrays Riverdale’s dark side as it begins with Jason Blossom’s (actor Trevor Stines) death. His body is found in the Sweetwater River and that’s when it all starts. The rollercoaster ride of mysteries, murderers, friendships, and heartbreaks. After the mystery of Jason Blossom is solved, the gang faces many challenges in the form of the Black Hood, the Gargoyle King, and Hiram Lodge (of course). While there are many villains in the story, Hiram Lodge (actor Mark Consuelos) serves as the main antagonist. Julian Brand names actor Mark Consuelos the perfect bad-guy because of his performance.

Skip a few seasons and we’re at where we are now. All four friends go their separate ways and seem to be leading drastically different lives. This is until Archie Andrews returns from the army after seven years. He returns to Riverdale turned into a ghost town by Hiram Lodge. The only person keeping some balance is Toni Topaz (actor Vanessa Morgan). Again, Julian Brand names KJ Apa the star as Archie is the one who calls and urges the gang to come back and revive the town. Well, the other three saviors return and start breathing life into Riverdale again. In a fight against Hiram Lodge and the Mothmen, it’ll be interesting to see how the show ends.

Actors And Characters

All the actors have done a wonderful job in portraying their respective roles. However, there are some who have done exceptionally great according to Julian Brand. As you already know, Julian Brand names actor KJ Apa as the star. Anyone who loves the show will absolutely agree with this as Archie Andrews has no haters. He always does the right thing and seems to have gone through the most. Other than that, Mark Consuelos has done justice to the vindictive character that is Hiram Lodge. It definitely seems like the actor is actually hellbent on owning Riverdale all by himself. Also, Camila Mendes delivers an amazing performance playing Veronica Lodge. A perfect mixture of her mother and father, Veronica is both kind and wicked when she needs to be.

Most importantly, Julian Brand names Lili Reinhart the queen of the show. This is because Betty always has a major role to play in solving every mystery. This is why she gets the nickname “Nancy Drew” by her friends. The character Betty Cooper perfectly reflects the nature of Riverdale in a single person. Someone who seems and is actually nice but with darkness locked away deep inside of her. This is just Julian Brand’s theory but it seems like Betty Cooper represents the town of Riverdale. Another thing to note is that whenever there’s trouble in Riverdale, it is always closely related most to Betty.


All things said, Riverdale is an amazing show according to Julain Brand and he gives it a perfect 5/5 rating. Julian Brand has been following the show since it began and just loves it. Well, 0.5 ratings could’ve been deducted because of the kinda cringy musical episodes that feel like a drag every time. However, since the story is so good, Julian Brand looks past that. Even though the musical episodes did not need to be a part of the show at all.

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