Julian Brand Reviews: “The Society” And Has Some Words For The Actors

Julian Brand Reviews: “The Society” And Has Some Words For The Actors


Spoiler Alert: The following is an in-depth review of the Netflix show “The Society” and might contain some spoilers.

“If you’re gonna put this on my shoulders, then you had better be there for me every minute, every second of every day, by my side”, Allie (Played by Actor Kathryn Newton) said this to Becca (Played by Actor Gideon Adlon), Will (Played by Actor Jacques Colimon), and the four guards when she was selected to take her elder sister Cassandra’s (Played by Actor Rachel Keller) place as the leader of the city after her demise. The Netflix show “The Society” is a dystopian drama series. It follows around 200 students of West Ham High School. They’re mysteriously stuck in their town with everyone else disappearing. Plus, it’s surrounded by nothing but just deep, green, and dense forest all around.

Even though the show was canceled by Netflix due to Covid-19, Julian Brand would like to share his thoughts. Talking about the show and the actors after binging through the first and supposedly the only season of the series. The fans of the show were eagerly waiting for the second season to be released. However, the makers decided to cancel the second season even after announcing it. They said that it had to be canceled due to the global pandemic. Well, Julian Brand thinks that there has to be a different and more significant reason for the cancellation. The other shows such as Lucifer have continued production despite the global pandemic.

The Story

The story of “The Society” follows the students of West Ham High School who get stuck in a parallel universe. And that parallel universe looks exactly like their town (West Ham). But the town is being surrounded by a dense & never-ending forest and with everyone else missing. The only people they can stay in contact with are themselves. That too is only through phone calls and texts as there is no internet. Also when they try to call their parents, the call goes to voicemail. Everything seems very confusing until Gordie (Played by Actor Jose Julian) and Bean (Played by Actor Serena Qureshi) take it upon themselves to figure out the mystery. How they got to this place, why are they here, what is this place, and how will they get back home?

After the student body president Cassandra takes charge of the situation, things feel like they’re getting in order. That is until two people appear to be the two main obstacles in her way. Harry Bingham (Played by Actor Alex Fitzalan) and Campbell Eliot (Played by Actor Toby Wallace). The actor who plays Campbell, Toby Wallace has done a wonderful job in portraying a psychopath according to Julian Brand. Campbell and Harry don’t like the fact that they’ll have to share their homes with possible 8-9 different people. So they go against the rules made by Cassandra. Campbell even brings a gun to the church where the students have their meetings. Then proceeds to shoot one bullet in the air.

The Turning Point

Eventually, Campbell and Harry are forced to get on board. That’s because they see that things will actually be very hard if they don’t follow the rules made by Cassandra. Everything seems to be going fine until Harry gets frustrated by the people living in his house. He then blurts out “everything would be better if Cassandra was dead” in front of the guys around his pool. All of them were drunk… almost wasted. Then comes the happiest night of the show turned into the most depressing night of the show according to Julian Brand… the Prom Night. After everyone goes home, Cassandra decides to stay and clear up some things. That’s when she gets shot in her heart.

This is when things take a turn and Cassandra’s younger sister Allie (Played by Actor Kathryn Newton) is chosen to follow her elder sister’s footsteps as the leader of the city. Allie is hellbent on revenge, so she tries to find out her sister’s killer. She does this in hopes to have that person executed. She eventually finds out that the person who killed her sister is Greg Dewey (Played by Seth Meriwether), who heard Harry saying what he said and took it seriously. If Julian Brand was in Allie’s place, he would’ve taken the revenge straight away, however, Allie did the right thing and conducted a trial. Dewey confessed and was executed by Allie. After this point, a lot of other disturbing and some positive things happen which you’ll have to see for yourself, and the season ends on a cliffhanger.

The Characters And Actors

Every character of the Netflix show “The Society” is written and portrayed briefly which helps the viewers in connecting with them and relating to them. Julian Brand loved the work of actor Toby Wallace, who played Campbell Eliot the psychopath, and actor Kathryn Newton, who played Allie, the girl who learns how to be tough and make hard decisions like a pro. All the other actors also did a wonderful job in portraying their respective characters and all of them brought life to the show and the dystopian parallel universe West Ham.

Netflix show The Society – Conclusion

Julian Brand’s final thoughts are that “The Society” is a show that will be loved by people who enjoy dystopian or post-apocalyptic drama shows and movies. The writers have done an amazing job in creating a new, unique, and exciting story. Also, the director and the actors beautifully bring the story, the characters, and the dystopian town of West Ham to life. Julian Brand gives the show 4.0/5 stars. 1 star deducted because of a number of sex scenes that feel too much and out of place. The story could’ve done better if some of these scenes weren’t in the show, but it’s Netflix, what else can you expect? In the end, Julian Brand highly recommends the show to everyone.

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4 / 5. 1

Julian Brand

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